New Year, New Miles

2013 wasn’t the most stellar year for me. I put on weight, put off cycling and generally tuned out. The summary is below:



Where in 2012 I had a solid 6 weeks of crits, in 2013 I just managed a single race that I crashed out of.

Plan for 2014

HEAT- One thing that held me back was not having the fitness when the heat came. I was overweight and the heat just killed me.

Commuting -  In San Antionio, commuting was pretty disgusting. Having to cross a road the size of a highway,  awful infrastructure and terrible drivers all combined to make the idea of riding to work completely un-appealing.

In Austin, the route I have is a lot quieter, with proper bike lanes and the major road crossing are all either better provisioned for bikes or with a smaller detour.

Weekly Racing - There are the weekly driveway series in austin, which I’m able to get to from work easily.

Weekend Rides -I think that I had about 6-10 20mile+ rides in San Antonio. A lot of this came from the same reasons that made commuting awful . The route out of the city was nasty, unsafe and about 12 miles before you see any green.

In Austin, I’m right beside Parmer  which (while not the prettiest) is a major road for cyclists. So far I’ve had a few (7 or so) rides along it, the longest being 60 miles. I think it will be perfect for what I’m looking for.

Group Rides – I am planning on getting in with a bike shop that has weekly rides at the weekend to help me find new routes and give me a reason to get out when my motivation is lacking.